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Guess The 70s

About Guess The 70s
Guess The 70s is a universal (multi-format) game or game app, which may be available for all or some of the following gaming platforms:
mobile phones, tablets, mobile devices (even watches), Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Ouya, Facebook games and other platforms that we haven't listed here, yet.

Game Description

It’s time to get groooooooovy! And quiz-y! Guess The 70s takes you back to the days of disco halls, frat movies, and Cheryl Tiegs posing in her infamous pink bikini! Let us take you on a wild ride of nostalgia through the very best of 1970s pop culture! Grab your favorite Pet Rock, put an 8 track in the player, sit back and relax while you Guess The 70s! Instructions: When you open the game, you’ll see an image and a word bank. Click or type your answer to fill in the blanks! Also works well as a touchscreen app. Enjoy the nostalgia and have fun! HINTS! Guess The 70s offers three different ways to help you solve a puzzling puzzle: Expose a Letter reveals the next correct letter! Remove Letters takes away some unnecessary letters! Solve the Question gives you the answer so you can skip to the next puzzle!

Cheats & Tips

Guess The 70s Cheats, Tips & Secrets
Guess The 70s cheats, codes, tips, hints, secrets, tricks, unlockables, easter eggs, glitches and more will be posted here as soon as any decent, helpful information becomes available; information is posted and submitted by you and other players of Guess The 70s in the discussion below, or when this page gets enough hits to justify an update.

Help Resources

Guess The 70s Cheats, Codes and Tips
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Guess The 70s Strategy Guides
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